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We are a team of passionate designers and architects who work at breakneck speed to deliver the best in architectural 3D imagery and film: posh and hard-to-get quality creations. We do not rest on laurels of past achievements and work tirelessly to deliver those coup de grâce visual pieces that will help our clients out-compete rivals. In today’s ruthless competition for eyeballs, you want a team who will stick with you through thin and thick. Load 5 works with people in all walks of life and is the “go-to” studio for singular creations. Every butterfly needs a sanctuary, every great idea needs to be nurtured to reality by the right team, at the right time. We are the right place. And because the proof is in the pudding, we invite you to view our portfolio! To sum it up, we offer High-End Architectural Visualization Solutions.  



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Why LOAD5? In unix computing, the system load is a measure of the amount of computational work that a computer system performs. The load average represents the average system load over a period of time. It conventionally appears in the form of three numbers which represent the system load during the last one, five, and ten minute periods. LOAD “FIVE” was a thought out choice as we aim to be the balance between quality and cost.

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